8 Considerations for Selecting Your People Management Software Provider

Marlo Hertling

While the demo processes discussed in Act II are a very important part of determining the fit of a new solution, there are several other factors you should take into account before you decide on your people management partner.

What else do you need to know before you select a People Management software vendor?

Selecting a people management software vendor

The product is important, but your choice in a partner should carry just as much weight in your final selection. Great software is only as good as its implementation and you want a partner that is committed to working with you through the whole process, not one that will disappear after the sale has been completed.

Here are 8 suggestions on what questions to ask to assess which vendor will be the best partner in helping you meet your needs and those of your organization.

Act III – Selecting Your Merchant of Software

We’ll look at the 8 vendor considerations you will want to take into account before making a final decision.

1. What do their customers say?
It’s important to check references and see what their implementation, support and overall experience have been since partnering with the vendor. You want to understand how you will be supported once the sale has been completed.

Need a little help with customer references? Access our Reference Call Checklist.

2. Check their certifications and qualifications.
When evaluating software vendors ask them if they have any partnerships (e.g. Microsoft certifications) to understand their knowledge of the technology they are building their solution on. Also ask about the certifications of the team that will be supporting you, do they hold any Canadian Payroll Association or HR Association designations? It’s important for you to know how experienced their team is.

3. How long have they been in business?
Ask the vendors not only how long they have been in business, but also how they have kept their technology current and how often they invest in new R&D (research and development) projects to improve their solution.

4. Ask who owns the data and where it will be located.
It’s important to understand if you will own your people data and if it will be stored in Canada or elsewhere.

5. Does the solution scale?
Ask about the level of configuration and scalability that the solution offers. Understanding if you can easily make changes to the system without requiring costly customization is important. As your company changes and grows, you want to make sure you have invested in a long-term solution and won’t have to be out looking for a new vendor two or three years down the road because your existing software can’t handle your current requirements.

6. What is the total cost?
Make sure you are aware if there are any fees not included in your quote. Items such as conversions of your existing employee data, reports, training, and GL exports should all be included up front. You want to make sure you are aware of all costs associated with the project so it comes in on time and on budget.

7. How often are updates provided and how are they managed?
Ask about the update process and understand how often they occur and if they will disrupt your day to day business in any way.

8. Will the software integrate easily with your other systems?
Find out how the system will interact with other systems you already have in place, such as your financial GL, benefits providers, timekeeping, etc. Ask which third party vendors they can or have integrated with in the past.

All's Well That Ends Well

Selecting the right partner is equally as important as the solution itself. It will ensure that the solution you need is the solution that is implemented. Investing in a new people management solution is a significant investment and you need to select a vendor that delivers the results you agreed on in the sales process.

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Marlo Hertling has worked with leading HCM organizations and has been helping Canadian companies implement HCM solutions for more than 15 years. She is the Vice President of People & Culture at Avanti Software Inc and serves as Avanti's HCM subject matter expert.

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