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Wes Quintin
Carolyn Lesyshen, Payroll Supervisor at Servus Credit Union

“Nowadays, you can pull payroll reports in Avanti so easy and fast. I like to say it’s as simple as making Rice Krispies squares. I can even help other
personnel who aren’t in payroll pull their own reports. It’s impressive.”

Carolyn Lesyshen, CPM, Payroll Supervisor


Client Profile
Servus Credit Union is Alberta’s largest credit union. It offers banking services to nearly 370,000 members in 62 communities across the province.

The People Management Challenge

Merging credit unions take a closer look at their payroll software

When you find payroll software that works for your organization, you tend to stick with it.

This was the case for Carolyn Lesyshen, the Payroll Supervisor at Servus Credit Union, when she first started using Avanti back in 2006. Immediately, she found the software easy to use, and helpful in her day-to-day role.

A few years later though, Servus Credit Union merged with two other large credit unions in Alberta, and their needs began to change.

Suddenly, their payroll had to serve three times as many employees, and they had offices spread out across the province. Each of the credit unions had been previously using a different payroll system, and some members of the team thought this might be a good opportunity to look at some new options.

So, Servus Credit Union went through a formal RFP process, where they narrowed down their choices to a shortlist of three payroll software partners.

Carolyn says she looked over all of the options, but was still the most impressed with Avanti. She loved the wide range of features that Avanti offered, as well as the fact that it could scale up with their growing organization.

At this point, Carolyn says, they made their decision.

“We looked at different payroll providers, but I always said I didn’t want to go backwards. Avanti is going forward, and that’s how I wanted to continue with my role in this organization, and with our payroll.”

The Avanti Solution

Powerful and easy-to-use payroll software

In the end, Servus Credit Union decided to stick with Avanti for their growing payroll.

And it certainly did grow.

Over the last decade, Servus Credit Union has grown to over 2,200 employees, and Avanti has continued to improve the software to keep up with their needs.

For example, Carolyn says that Avanti has made its payroll reporting functionality much easier and faster over the years. Now, Carolyn says it’s so easy, she can even help other employees who aren’t in her department pull their own reports.

In fact, everything from year-end tax slip processing, to creating payroll test environments has been made more efficient by Avanti's Canadian payroll software.

Carolyn says that over the years, it has become one of the most essential tools for their team.

“To this day, the tool we like to use is Avanti’s payroll system. It enables us to do our jobs more efficiently, and lets us easily provide information to other stakeholders in the organization.”

Super Results

A payroll process that’s 40% more efficient

Carolyn says Avanti’s software has made her 40% more efficient in her role, and given her a more positive outlook on processing payroll.

Even better, Carolyn says they are now starting to use Avanti’s Self-Service Portal, which will help her department become even more efficient moving forward.

Currently, Servus Credit Union uses paper timesheets to track certain types of employee hours. These are a hassle for Carolyn and her team, who have to spend up to five days every month collecting, reviewing, and verifying the information.

But Avanti’s Self-Service Portal is helping Carolyn replace those paper time sheets with web time sheets, which are done in real-time and on-demand.

Looking towards the future, Carolyn says she is excited to continue working with Avanti. Even after twelve years, she knows there is still a lot more they can get out of the software.

“We can now use Avanti’s web timesheets to do final pay, so we don’t have to email managers to ask them where their paper time sheets are anymore … It makes everything much faster than before.”

Looking for payroll software that can scale with your organization?

Learn more about Avanti’s powerful all-in-one payroll and people management software.

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