ROE 2.0: Are You Ready for the Transition?

Marlo Hertling

It’s here – ROE web version 2.0 has arrived! This is part of Service Canada’s efforts to standardize ROE web file versions.

Service Canada Web Record of Employment for Payroll

As a result, this week Service Canada has started sending out the following letter:

In an effort to standardize the ROE Web file versions, the following ROE Web formats will be discontinued on March 31st, 2016:

  • 27 Week Flat file
  • 53 Week Flat file
  • 53 Week Payroll Extract File XML version 1.0
  • 27 Week Online Form  

Effective April 1st, 2016, Service Canada will only be accepting the following Record of Employment (ROE) Web formats:

  • 53-Week Online Form
  • 53-Week Payroll Extract File XML Version 2.0
  • 53 Week Assistant Online form

According to our records, you are issuing ROEs in one of the formats to be discontinued. We strongly encourage you to take action as soon as possible. The technical specifications required to adapt to one of the new formats can be found on the ROE Web site. ROEs submitted after March 31st, 2016 using an decommissioned format will not be accepted.

Please share this message with your Primary Officer or individuals responsible for the Pay Services within your organisation to ensure that the appropriate changes are implemented by March 31st, 2016.

What This Means for Payroll

What this means for you is when you are completing block 16 of the ROE you will be able to select the new termination codes with more specific reason codes.

As an example, the following options will now be available for selection in the drop down for “Quit”.

  • Quit
  • Quit / Follow spouse
  • Quit / Return to school
  • Quit / Health reasons
  • Quit / Voluntary retirement
  • Quit / Take another job
  • Quit / Employer relocation
  • Quit / Care for a dependent
  • Quit / To become self-employed

If you are an Avanti client you are already able to use this new format – as we released this functionality in the current version. If not, it’s important that you check with your provider to find out when this change will take effect in your software.

To find out more about this initiative you can visit the Service Canada website at:

Other ROE Resources

Here's another resource from the Canadian Payroll Association to help you avoid the most common ROE errors:

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