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Wes Quintin

This week's People Management Superhero is Shannon Campbell Wallace, HRIS & Payroll Manager at Landmark Group of Companies.

Shannon Campbell Wallce, HRIS & Payroll Manager at Landmark Group of CompaniesAbout Shannon

Shannon is the HRIS and Payroll Manager at Landmark Group of Companies. She has over fifteen years of high volume, successful project management within the field of compensation management and HRIS implementations, both as a consultant and an internal project lead. She has extensive experience in implementation of all levels of corporate compensation change management (pay cycle changes, implementation, benefit plan evaluations, policy development and roll out, and mergers.)

Q: What makes you a People Management Superhero?

I love what I do, and working with my team to provide the best experience for all of our employees and managers! I believe that if HR and Payroll can make it easier for people to do their jobs and feel trust in their compensation, they’ll feel appreciated by the company. I believe that employees who feel appreciated will bring a great attitude to their work and the bottom line.

Q: What impact does technology have on HR Professionals?

I think technology helps them eliminate a lot of the day-to-day that keeps them from doing their jobs.  Many of us spend a lot of time tracking, recording and working with the same pieces of information over and over, because this data defines when and where we’ll need to do something. Technology, if used right, will eliminate a lot of the manual tracking and duplication, so we can spend more time actually doing what we need to do!

Q: How does Avanti help you take care of your employees?

In my department, I focus on two non-negotiable measures: customer service and trust. I expect that all our customers enjoy dealing with us and that any experience with our team will be easy and worry-free. I also believe that you cannot succeed in day to day work or initiatives without your employees’ trust.

We rely on our systems, particularly Avanti, to ensure that we consistently provide seamless and professional results to all of our stakeholders, from the COO to the employees.

Q: As you look ahead to the next year do you have any new initiatives that involve Avanti?

Landmark is a growing and dynamic company, with constant changes to structure, reporting, and information flow. I fully expect a number of projects in the next year where we’ll need to challenge our HRIS systems, but nothing has been confirmed just yet!

Q: What tip would you give to others who struggle with employee management?

Avoid complacency. Don’t do things a certain way because they have always been done that way. If something isn’t working, figure out why and make a change!

Q: How does Landmark set itself apart from other employers?

Landmark is most definitely one of the most dynamic companies I’ve ever seen, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with some extremely smart, interesting, and innovative people. There is no lack of projects and initiatives, and watching the amazing things the company does keeps me interested and engaged. I’ve honestly never been bored!

Q: What is at the heart of making Landmark a great place to work?

For me personally, what makes Landmark a great place to work is the amazing people I get to work with and to be a part of so many interesting initiatives and events!

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Are You a People Management Superhero?

Do you make a difference in your organization through your people management solution? We would love to hear how.


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