Time Collection - Time Consuming Payroll Task #4

Marlo Hertling

Automating time collection benefits both the Payroll and HR teams in your organization. And it improves accuracy and timeliness of data collection.

But because automated time collection impacts every person in your organization, you need to consider all of your employees' needs. From salaried employees who simply need to enter time-off requests to hourly employees who have to cost their time to multiple cost centres in a day to scheduled employees who need to scan in and out - your solution has to be flexible enough to accommodate multiple time collection requirements.

How Canadian Payroll Professionals Can Save on Collecting Employee Time

7 Requirements for Automated Time Collection Success

No matter what your requirements, here are the considerations you will want to take into account to ensure success:

  1. The time entry sheet is configurable and will show only the fields that need to be completed by each group of employees.
  2. The User Interface (UI) for time entry is simple for your employees to access and understand.
  3. The review and approval process is quick and easy for managers and schedulers – they can see exceptions at a glance and have the ability to approve all the employee’s they are responsible for with the click of a button.
  4. Support mobile platforms so time can be entered and approved anytime, anywhere.
  5. Rules can be automatically calculated for all time collected for overtime, statutory holidays, shift premiums, etc.
  6. The time collected goes straight to Payroll and they can easily review the data prior to processing.
  7. The time collected also goes directly to HR and they can quickly review attendance and vacation calendars.

As time collection data is required by all your stakeholders, a fully integrated HCM for Time & Attendance, Payroll and HR will allow you to fulfill multiple time collection requirements and have the data at your fingertips for Payroll processing, HR analysis and historical reporting for Finance.

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