The Little Book of People Management Superheroes

Wes Quintin

Anyone can write a case study about their clients. It's something really special when you can get your clients together in an illustrated book and turn them into superheroes.

About The Book

Why did we decide to create this book? We wanted to showcase the people who live the values of their respective Canadian organization and, through technology, are able to better service the needs of their employees and contribute to the success of the organization.

This book is about superheroes.

Meet Our People Management Superheroes

Although we've made a digital version of the book available for viewing, that's only half the story. Over the next several weeks, we'll introduce you to each superhero from Volume 1 with the complete interviews that made this book possible.

You won't want to miss these stories, so make sure you sign up to our Blog and be the first to know when they're published!

Thank You!

Thanks to all of our amazing clients that are featured in this book. You took time out of your incredibly busy schedules to tell us about your world. A thank you also goes out to the people who work with the superheroes featured in this book. When someone was too modest to describe what made them a superhero, you helped us put it all into words.

And finally, thank you to our amazing illustrator Kim Smith. You really helped us bring this project to life and gave it a personality all its own with your talent and creative illustrations.

Are You a People Management Superhero?

Do you make a difference in your organization through your people management solution? We would love to hear how.


About the Author

Wes Quintin

Wes is the Marketing Manager at Avanti Software. As part of Avanti's amazing marketing team, he works to create marketing programs, experiences, and stories that drive results by educating Canadian Payroll and HR professionals on people management technology and best practices.

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