Canadian Payroll Resolutions for 2016

Marlo Hertling

In January, we asked Canadian Payroll pros what their New Year’s resolutions were for 2016 when it comes to Payroll. We received some great responses.

Canadian Payroll Resolutions for 2016

Dare to Compare?
We have summarized 5 of the most common resolutions so you can see how they measure up to your own Payroll goals.

We’ve also included some resources to help you stick to your Payroll resolution and achieve it!

Payroll Resolution #1

Streamline Our Current Processes / Use More Features Available In Our Solution

Implementing new features in your solution or taking advantage of features you have never used are great ways to get the most out of your current solution. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the time or budget to invest in your existing payroll – but once you assess how these features can help you improve workflows or reduce the time it takes to complete certain tasks, you will find it easy to add it to your priority list.

Keeping up with technology means being prepared to continuously invest in it. To help you understand how to keep up with the changes in your technology and calculate the ROI of your  investment, read this articleTechnology today is built to adapt and improve processes for end users, if yours isn't then you may want to consider Payroll Resolution #2.

Payroll Resolution #2

Implement a New Solution

Changing your Payroll solution generates such a widespread impact that often companies will choose to live with the challenges of their existing solution rather than make a change for the better.

But when you find yourself and your team spending too much time on manual or low value people management tasks, you soon realize it’s the right time for a change.

A research plan is important to help find and assess the best possible Payroll solution for your organization.

A Guide to Making a Change
Leading a Change in HCM Technology Doesn't Have to Be Scary
A Guide to Buying
[Series] An Elizabethan Guide to Buying People Management Software
A Guide to Implementing
The Secrets to a Successful HRIS Implementation

Payroll Resolution #3

Go Paperless with Pay Statements, Tax Slips and Document Management

More and more companies are reducing their reliance on paper and are using Employee Self-Service as a way to accomplish this. By providing employees with access to their pay statements, tax slips and documents online, they have everything they need on demand. That way, your Payroll and HR teams don’t have to print, fax, mail or file a single piece of paper.

The resources below will guide you along the path to a paperless payroll environment.

Electronic Documents: Secure, Green, and Convenient How Self-Service Benefits Wallace & Carey Going Paperless and Maintaining Security

Payroll Resolution #4

Reduce the Need to Enter the Same Information Multiple Times into different software

(Editor's note: We would go as far as saying eliminate the need for duplicate entry, but we didn't write the resolutions.)

There was a time when many Payroll solutions were standalone systems. Today, most companies are investing in an all-in-one approach to HRIS that benefits Payroll, Human Resources and all people management operations by consolidating them into one system. This eliminates the requirement for multiple entry points for employee data.

For more on the benefits of integration, putting an end to duplicate data entry, and to help you make the case to move to an all-in-one people management solution, read this article via @HRpayrollsystms

Payroll Resolution #5

Increase the Recognition of the Payroll Department Within the Organization

Your Payroll team is essential to the success of your organization. For employees to do their best, they need to know they will be paid accurately and on time each pay period. As a result, Payroll performs a critical role in employee relations and engagement. When Payroll runs smoothly, and taxes and deductions all are managed perfectly, it can be easy for your management team to overlook saying thank you. But we won't.

Be sure to participate in National Payroll Week so that you can showcase the Payroll team in your organization. Here's how to get involved. Want even more inspiration? We know a few superheroes.

Carolyn Lesyshen - People Management Superhero John Yu - People Management Superhero Cindy Southam - A Very Important Payroll Professional

We’d like to say thanks to all who participated in our 2016 Payroll New Year’s Resolutions contest – and congratulations to Jodi from Devlin Construction who won the coffee break.

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