2014 Canadian Payroll Deductions: Quick Reference Guide

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Get all the Canadian Payroll deduction information you need from our quick reference guide.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) & Québec Pension Plan (QPP)

Maximum pensionable earnings $52,500 $52,500
Annual basic exemption $3,500 $3,500
Maximum contributory earnings $49,000 $49,000
Contribution rate (%) 4.95 5.175
Maximum employee contribution $2,425.50 $2,535.75
Maximum employer contribution $2,425.50 $2,535.75


Employment Insurance (EI) & Québec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP)

  Federal EI Québec EI QPIP
Annual maximum insurable earnings $48,600 $48,600 $69,000
Premium/contribution employee rate (%) 1.88 1.53 0.559
Premium/contribution employer rate (%) 2.632 2.142 0.782
Annual maximum employee premium $913.68 $743.58 $385.71
Annual maximum employer premium $1,279.15 $1,041.01 $539.58


Worker's Compensation Rates (WCB, WSIB, & CSST)

Province/Territory Maximum Assessable Earnings
British Columbia $77,900
Alberta $92,300
Saskatchewan $59,000
Manitoba $119,000
Ontario $84,100
Québec $69,000
New Brunswick $60,100
Nova Scotia $56,000
Prince Edward Island $51,100
Newfoundland and Labrador $60,760
Yukon $83,501
Northwest Territories $84,200
Nunavut $84,200


Pension Adjustment Limits

Limit Amount
Money Purchase limit $24,930
RRSP annual contribution limit $24,270
Year's Maximum Pensionable Earnings limit $52,500
DPSP annual contribution limit (1/2 of MP limit) $12,465
Defined benefit limit $2,770.00


Federal TD1 Changes for 2014

Federal TD1 Field 2014 2013
Basic personal $11,138 $11,038
Child amount $2,255 $2,234
Child amount (infirm) $4,313 $4,274
Age amount $6,916 $6,854
Pension income amount $2,000 $2,000
Education amount (full-time) $465/mo $465/mo
Education amount (part-time) $140/mo $140/mo
Disability amount $7,766 $7,697
Spouse or common-law partner amount $11,138 $11,038
Spouse or common-law partner amount (infirm) $13,196 $13,078
Amount for eligible dependent $11,138 $11,038
Amount for eligible dependent (infirm) $13,196 $13,078
Caregiver amount $4,530 $4,490
Caregiver amount (infirm) $6,588 $6,530
Amount for infirm dependent 18+ $6,588 $6,530

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