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9 Adding LinkedIn to Your Routine To put some framework around your LinkedIn usage, here is a ten minute routine for keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date and in shape. Ideally, this routine would be carried out at least once a week. At first, this routine may take a little longer than ten minutes, but once you get into the rhythm of doing it regularly – it will be much quicker. Using this checklist for LinkedIn activities will prevent your profile and network from becoming stagnant. 1. Check your inbox Review your inbox for any new connection invitations or messages and respond accordingly. Treat your LinkedIn inbox as you would your email inbox. You want to respond promptly and professionally. 2. Touch-base It can be really easy to let your connections become stale. For this reason, find one person every week and shoot them a quick note to touch base and catch-up. Try and keep this message short but personal. If you are falling short on messaging ideas, review their profile first, it's abundant with information. 3. Find a new connection The underlying reason you are involved online is to expand your network. Run an advanced search on LinkedIn and look for people you may know based on keywords or industry. Also, think back to past networking functions, go through a stack of your old business cards, or look at who your connections are connected to. Set a goal of trying to find one new connection whenever you are online and send them a personalized request. See pages 8-9 for more information on how to connect with others on LinkedIn. 4. Stay Top of Mind Sharing updates on a regular basis keeps you in front of your connections by showing up in their newsfeed. Share articles you find interesting or other personal (but professional) updates. 5. Read the News One of LinkedIn's newest features is a news feed with topics that are of interest to your network. Review the comments and shares of the articles and look for easy follow-up opportunities or a reason to reach out – especially amongst people in your network.

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