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Reference Checklist for Evaluating People Management Software ©2015 Avanti Software Inc. All rights reserved. THE SOFTWARE REFERENCE CALL CHECKLIST Call Date: Vendor: Reference Company: Reference Industry / Size: Reference Contact / Title: Telephone: Question Response Tell me about your business. How long have you been using this software? What did you use before? Why did you choose this software? What were your objectives? Have you achieved them? What modules or components did you install and when? How long did the implementation take? How easy was it to implement? Was your implementation on time and within budget? How many users do you have? How do your users describe the software's ease of use? What are the best features of this solution? Have you found any limitations in the solution? Did you incur user adoption or change management challenges? How did you deal with them? Have you done any modifications since your implementation? How easy is it to configure the software? How was the support during the implementation? How has support been since your implementation? How much internal IT support is required? How much support from the vendor is needed? How well does the software perform? How is the response time? Overall, are you satisfied with the software? Would you choose the vendor again? Where do you think the vendor could be stronger or improve? Do you feel you have a good relationship with the vendor? Are there any things to avoid or other recommendations? Is there anything else we should know before making a decision? Would you choose this solution again?

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