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©2015 Avanti Software Inc. All rights reserved. People Management Software Demo Field Guide THE SOFTWARE DEMO FIELD GUIDE HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE The demo is your opportunity to be able to see how the proposed solution will not only meet your requirements, but also how it will improve processes and save time across your organization. This guide is broken out into different categories such as configurability, reporting capabilities, functionality, and more. Within each category are the key considerations or points that you should be checking off your list throughout the demo. If a point is checked during the demo, rate how well you feel the software checks that requirement by using the scoring criteria below. SCORING CRITERIA Exceeds Requirement 3 Fully Meets Requirement 2 Partially Meets Requirement 1 Does Not Meet Requirement 0 After the demo, add up your score and consider the scoring ranges below as you discuss your findings during the post-demo meeting with your team. 100-120 This match is meant to be. 80-99 A strong contender. Check to see if the points they missed are deal breakers. 50-79 May be strong in some areas, but probably not an ideal fit at this stage. 49 or lower Not recommended. TIPS DURING THE DEMO 1. Is the vendor demonstrating a live instance of the software? If not that's a deal breaker. 2. Participate during the demo and stay engaged to make sure you cover everything you need to. 3. Take notes. This will help you identify requirements to check for your checklist. 4. Make sure there's some time left for Q&A. Avanti provides all your People Management solutions in one single suite, including Payroll, Human Resources, and Time & Attendance; optimized for Canadian businesses. All of our data, development, and people are located in Canada. From the hiring process all the way through to retirement, Avanti's got you covered. That's why Canada's top companies choose Avanti to manage their people. Contact us today to see what we can do for you. ABOUT AVANTI SOFTWARE

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