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4 Ways an Integrated HCM Solution Benefits HR

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4 Ways an Integrated HCM Benefits HR ©2014 Avan So ware Inc. All rights reserved. Human Resources and Payroll have the same goal– to have happy employees. With a single integrated solu on, both HR and Payroll have access to the informa on they need without ever having to worry about duplicate entries or having to rely on complicated user interfaces. Having a solu on that's easy to use with all the informa on in one place leads to a unified and collabora ve employee management approach. Human Resources and Payroll use the same data for different purposes, so having the ability to report on that data from a single repor ng source makes sense for visibility, planning and Business Intelligence (i.e. Human Resources needs vaca on data for trending, analysis, and forecas ng). Integra on means be er informa on sharing and synergy between the two departments, it ensures that both teams have access to the most up to date and accurate employee informa on, they are both "in the loop" Here are 4 great examples of issues that our clients tell us over and over again that an integrated solu on helps them with from a Human Resources perspec ve. • Accurate employee history; • Automa ng HR processes; • Simplified a endance tracking; and • Be er Business Intelligence. 4 WAYS AN INTEGRATED HCM BENEFITS HR INTEGRATING YOUR EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT What is HCM? Human Capital Management (HCM is a strategic approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there. It consists of Payroll, HR and Time & Attendance. By: Marlo Hertling

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