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How to Get Buy-In From Your Boss How to Get Buy-In From Your Boss Building a Business Case For Better HR Tech Your job is about getting it right. Accurate payroll, vacation scheduling, coordination of benefits, union agreements, and more. But what if your current software solution is holding you back? And, worse yet, what if your boss doesn't want to change it? If you're dreaming of new software, the following steps will help you build a business case for key decision-makers within your organization. 1 Prove The Need For New Software Time to address your software pain points and prove how new tech can tackle organizational inefficiencies. When building your business case, show the big picture benefits of how new software can support business goals and what kind of return on investment your company can expect (increased productivity, reduction in errors, streamlined processes, scalability etc.). 2 Do Your Research, Get Quotes By now, you probably have a list of providers you're interested in. Before sharing this list, speak to your top 3-5 vendors. Most offer short demos and can give you a quote based on your needs. Look for a vendor who will build out a demo environment that works for your company. If your prospective vendor cuts corners and doesn't speak to the issues you need to solve, this could be a red flag. Ask potential vendors for a quote that breaks down what your company will pay for. It's better to know ahead of time about extra costs for project management, implementation, training, upgrades, etc. 3 Get Technical Ask your IT department questions for accurate information about what new software options can run with the company's hardware, or if upgrades will be required. Make sure any required upgrades are included in budgetary considerations. 4 Don't Oversell The Solution You likely won't find a solution that addresses all your issues. Your presen- tation should acknowledge this reality. Discuss potential roadblocks and share your plan for how to overcome them. Setting realistic expectations now will help guide the team through the entire process. 5 Paint a Picture With Your Presentation Start with where you are now and show what moving forward can look like for the organization. Keep it brief, but clear enough for sharing with other stakeholders. Focus on budget – the cost to imple- ment and train and what the benefits are. Give examples of where you see the new software taking you, for example, a 40% reduction in correcting manual errors. 6 Be Prepared For Questions and Opposition Before presenting, consider the purchase from the perspective of different roles within your group. Create a list of pros and cons and have solutions to combat concerns. Expect questions about cost and ROI, training and timelines, and opposition from stakeholders who think the current software is fine. 7 Schedule a Demo With The Vendor If you've been persuasive, your boss should meet with your recommended provider for a demo. Collaborate with your top choice and share your orga- nization's concerns and questions. By addressing these ahead of time, your prospective provider can address spe- cific issues and save your team time. Is that a yes, or no? You've made your case. The decision is up to key decision-makers. Sometimes the best business cases are denied. If it's a "no" don't be discouraged, at Avanti, we've worked with companies years after they'd initially passed on new software. It's about timing. Keep your presentation on hand, update as needed, and make the case again. Avanti Software has been processing payrolls and developing HR technology for over 40 years. Our cloud-based People Management solution helps mid-sized Canadian companies, no matter how complex, to empower and engage their workforce. Featuring a robust, configurable range of tools, our all-in-one platform specializes in Payroll & Benefits, People Management, Workforce Management and Talent Acquisition. 2022.04 Ready To Build Your Case? We have more great content to help you find the best HRIS solution for your organization. Scan the QR code for a selection of helpful resources.

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