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T H E C O M P L E T E HRIS Buyer's Guide 2 HRIS, HRMS, HRM or HCM? With only a few letters between them, it's easy to confuse these similar types of software. Broadly speaking, these acronyms describe the same type of activity, though some refer to the process and others to a software that enables the process. Although the definitions vary, at the end of the day, these processes and solutions are similar in that they all focus on helping organizations better manage their employees. > R E A D M O R E Choosing the right HRIS solution is one of the most important decisions an organization can make. It impacts everyone, from Payroll to Human Resources to Finance to managers and employees. With such an important decision, you need to find a platform that brings your team together and improves processes and communication. We created this guide to do just that. We want to help you evaluate your payroll and HR technol- ogy options to find the right one for your business. Imagine signing a contract only to find out the software doesn't meet your requirements, or the vendor is not responsive to your needs. Doing your due diligence ahead of time can save you a lot of time, energy, and frustration in the long run. The benefits of the right HRIS solution Before we dive into what to look for, let's look at why you're searching for a new system in the first place. At this point, you probably have a list of reasons why you're looking for an HRIS solution. While it may be redundant, it's important to keep the value of an integrated payroll and HR system top of mind during your search. Your reason for investing in a new solution will help you find one that meets your needs. There are countless benefits, so instead of an exhaustive list, here are some of the top value drivers for each stakeholder within your organization: For Payroll Ensure compliance: Stay up to date with changing Canadian payroll regulations. With all your infor- mation stored in a centralized database, easily access important data and documents when you need them. Ensure compliance, improve accountability, and provide an audit trail with automated workflows. Save time: Payroll is time-consuming. An HRIS solution significantly reduces the time spent on payroll-related tasks. Employee data is entered into the system once so you aren't manually entering the same data multiple times. You can easily process payroll with automated workflows, complex rules, and notifications.

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