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The Benefits of In-House Payroll Processing

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T H E B E N E F I T S O F I N - H O U S E PAY R O L L P R O C E S S I N G 5 I Do the Right Thing for Your Organization – With Avanti Avanti's all-in-one in-house payroll software is built for integrations and is con- figurable to your organization's unique payroll needs. Our streamlined in-house payroll tools offer your organization flexibility, scalability, and opportunities to increase growth. Let Your Numbers Do the Talking - Try Avanti's In-House Payroll Savings Calculator You're a numbers person, it's what you do. To see how much time and money you're losing to advanced paydays and extra charges, check out Avanti's In-house Payroll Savings Calculator. Interest & Float How much interest are you really forgoing to early payroll payment? See how much outsourced vendors are making with your money. % Timing & Cash Flow Every day is as important as the next in payroll. Calculate the amount of time you've really lost to advance payroll submissions. Extra Charges There are fees for just about everything – off-cycle pay runs, per-employee charges, late submissions, ROEs. What and how much are you being charged for? Use this calculator to see the payments you could be avoiding. Take Control and Save with In-House Payroll Processing Interested in a free quote or demo to see how Avanti's In-house Software can save you money and time? We'd love to show you how our cloud-based tools can give you more control, help automate your processes, and unify all your workforce management data. We'd love to hear from you! Avanti Software has been processing payrolls and developing HR technology for over 40 years. Our cloud-based People Management solution helps mid-sized Canadian companies, no matter how complex, to empower and engage their workforce. Featuring a robust, configurable range of tools, our all-in-one platform specializes in Payroll & Benefits, People Management, Workforce Management and Talent Acquisition. BOOK A DEMO " We were looking at massive growth, and we knew we needed something that would carry us there. With Avanti's functionality, no matter how large we grow, the system can sustain it." ATHINA TZAKAS, COMPENSATIONANDBENEFITS/ PAYROLL MANAGER

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