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©2018 Avanti Software Inc. All rights reserved. 5 Key HR Tech Considerations EVALUATING HR TECH? HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Selecting a people management solution is one of the most important decisions a company makes. It touches your entire organization from Payroll to Human Resources to Finance to managers and employees and needs to be a platform that brings your team together and improves processes and communications. Here are 5 considerations that will help you get the most out of your HR Tech investment. 1. Does It Let You Manage Your Employees from Hire to Retire? When evaluating and selecting HR Tech, it's important to know if the solution is integrated in one data source or if the solution maintains a separate data source for Payroll, HR, and Time & Attendance. When your solution is fully integrated, your data will always be accurate and there will be no lag time in data changes or reporting. 2. Does It Provide You With Robust Reporting Capabilities? The reporting is where you will get the most value, because it is such an important part of people management and decision making for your organization - check to make sure that every field of data is reportable. In addition, you should expect it to have a large library of out-of-the-box reports and you should be able to easily create your own reports. Being able to schedule the delivery of reports to your executive and management teams will save you time and streamline your processes. The ROI is all in the reporting. 3. Is the System Tailored for You? Your organization is unique, so be sure to look for a solution that can be configured to meet your business processes and requirements. Ensure that your implementation includes: a process review, configuration that streamlines and automates your processes, data conversion, a full training program and rigorous testing of the solution before it goes live. 4. End-to-End, is the System Easy to Use? Another important consideration is will your whole team be able to navigate the solution with ease? From your super users in Payroll and HR to your managers and employees using the Self-Service portal, it's important that the interface is easy for them to learn and use. In order for your new solution to be effective, your whole team needs to actively use it to improve communication and collaboration in your organization. 5. Is the Solution Vendor the Right Business Partner for You? When choosing your vendor, you are investing in a long-term partnership. Look for a vendor that has experience by asking how long they have been in business and if they have any certifications. Make sure they offer a solution that is both scalable and that receives routine upgrades at no additional cost. Check references and make sure you know where your data will be housed and who owns it. And finally, look for a partner who will work with you to take on those complex tasks and challenges that are unique to Canadian legislation and help you simplify them with common sense solutions. What Questions Do You Need to Ask? We've created a helpful checklist with all the questions you need to ask when evaluating a new people management solution provider. Flip the page and refer to our checklist to let your research begin!

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