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Build up your super powers with an array of resources on Canadian Payroll, HR tech, payroll deductions, implementation best practices and more from Avanti's network of people management experts.

  • Become a Payroll Superhero1:06

    Become a Payroll Superhero

    Payroll can be a total time sink, but it doesn't have to be! Combine your payroll, time, and HR data with Avanti to reduce data entry, simplify reporting, and improve accuracy.

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  • Benefits of In-House Payroll

    Benefits of In-House Payroll

    Outsourcing your payroll isn't as convenient as you think! Find out how in-house payroll processing gives you greater control, saves you money, and gives you more time back in your day.

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  • Avanti Go Demo5:16

    Avanti Go Demo

    Wondering what Avanti Go can do for you and your team? Check out this quick demo of the Avanti Go mobile app experience.

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  • How much could you save by switching to in-house payroll?

  • The New Experience3:44

    The New Experience

    Welcome to Avanti’s new experience demo! Take a tour of the features, new design, and functionality of Avanti available only on our SaaS platform.

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  • Future of Payroll Checklist

    Future of Payroll Checklist

    Payroll is quickly becoming a more strategic role. Do you have the skills and knowledge to move forward? Check out our handy checklist of to-dos for taking your role to the next level!

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  • Check out our on-demand webinar series, Office Hours!

  • How to Save Time on Payroll

    How to Save Time on Payroll

    We put this guide together to show you how the right integrated payroll and HR solution can save you and your team time, increase efficiency, and help you be more strategic.

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  • Returning to the Workplace

    Returning to the Workplace

    We recently sent out a survey to our clients and network to find out how companies are preparing for their return to the office in a post-COVID world. Check out our key takeaways here!

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  • 7 Ways to Hire Without Bias

    7 Ways to Hire Without Bias

    The workplace is changing for the better and it's up to organizations to evaluate their hiring processes to reduce bias. Here are seven ways to uncover and eliminate bias in your recruiting.

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  • Ready for a 1:1 demo?

  • HRIS Evaluation Checklist

    HRIS Evaluation Checklist

    You need a platform that brings your team together to improve processes and communication. Here are five key considerations to keep in mind when evaluating new technology!

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  • HRIS Benefits for Payroll

    HRIS Benefits for Payroll

    Having a Canadian Payroll solution that’s easy to use with all the information in one place leads to a unified and collaborative approach to managing your employees.

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  • HRIS Benefits for HR

    HRIS Benefits for HR

    Human Resources software that’s easy to use with all the information in one place, leads to a unified and collaborative approach to managing your employees.

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  • HCM Implementation Simplified

    HCM Implementation Simplified

    Taking the fear out of HCM implementations. This guide includes 6 key components that will prepare you when the time comes to research, purchase, and implement your new HCM solution.

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  • Avoid Implementation Disaster

    Avoid Implementation Disaster

    An integrated HCM provides the most cost effective and streamlined business intelligence solution for your organization. Here are some key considerations for implementing a fully integrated HCM.

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  • Why You Need HRIS

    Why You Need HRIS

    Gain a better understanding of Human Capital Management software. Explore 5 ways your organization will benefit from using an integrated solution to manage your employees.

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  • HR Tech Change Management

    HR Tech Change Management

    If you are starting your journey of implementing a new HR tech component or an all-in-one solution, we’ve put together a guide to help you get started.

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  • Getting Buy-In for HRIS

    Getting Buy-In for HRIS

    An integrated Human Capital Management solution is an important investment for your organization, but its success depends on the buy-in of those who will be relying on and supporting it every day.

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  • Pfaff Customer Success Story

    Pfaff Customer Success Story

    Find out how Avanti helped Pfaff keep payroll accurate and efficient, even as they quadrupled in size!

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  • CRMR Customer Success Story

    CRMR Customer Success Story

    Using Avanti has saved the team at CRMR a lot of time. Rather than having to transfer information between two systems like they did previously, they now have all their employee data in one place.

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  • Convention Centre Case Study

    Convention Centre Case Study

    A large convention centre with multiple unions, varying wage allocations, and complex scheduling requirements; integrated their Canadian Payroll software and time tracking to double their efficiency.

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  • Glacier Media Case Study

    Glacier Media Case Study

    Find out how Avanti helped Glacier Media save over $150,000 a year with automated payroll and new reporting insights.

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